The Port Elgin area is wonderful for cottaging. It offers an easy drive from the major southern Ontario cities compared to the cottage areas north and east of Toronto, boasts 34 km. of beaches, is undervalued for what it offers and has several different, lovely cottage and beach settings.

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The main cottage areas around Port Elgin are the Main Beach, Shipley Beach, Gobles Grove, Eidt’s Grove, North Shore Park and Miramachi Bay.


This is the primary beach right in the middle of town. Usually wide and long it can accommodate the high usage it regularly attracts. Beside the harbour, the miniature steam train, a child’s playground, weekly flea market, volleyball and a restaurant.

It is very convenient (even features a paved wheel chair walkway) and is action filled. Cottaging in this area is across the street from the beach and is a mix of houses used as cottages within the town, cabins and traditional cottages.

The Main Beach and the Town offer convenience of shopping / personal services, water, sewer, natural gas utilities and many activities.

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This smaller beach and cottage area is a short distance south of Main Beach. It offers all the municipal advantages of Main Beach such convenience and activity. Municipal services are such as water, sewer and natural gas are also provided as far south as County Road 25. The range, style and value of cottages is quite varied through this section but tends to be on the higher side of the range.

The beach is also comparable albeit smaller and offers a somewhat more seclusion. There are no washrooms or playgrounds or walkways here.


This charming sandy beach area is more upscale, more private and quieter. Cottages here run the gamut but the average dwelling / lot is larger and has more individual character than most inside town. Water and natural gas is provided here but not sewer service. It has the bonus of actual beachfront cottages. There is no road between the lake front row of cottages and the beach. It is a great family setting with playground, miles of sandy beach, washrooms, shallow water and a noticeable absence of commercial restaurants or stores. A possible exception is the CAW Family Education Centre that is a conference centre and accommodation facility for the Canadian Auto Workers union located here. While it is not very commercial and blends well into the surroundings (well, maybe except for their wind turbine), it does bring more temporary visitors to this district and any other.

It s more rustic than in town, no shelters or walkways for example, but the setting is nice and natural and the views of Chantry Island can be wonderful From Highway 21, turn west on Concession 6. When you hit the water, voila.

Port Elgin Beach


A little farther south is Eidt’s Grove. This area offers many of the characteristics of Gobles Grove in terms of cottage character, true beachfront with no road to cross, style, lot size, miles of sandy beach, and shallow water for swimming. It is simply more quiet and private. Water and natural gas is also provided here but not sewer service.

Of course this relaxation and semi-seclusion comes with the price of less development. There is no washroom, playground and it is a little farther from services in town. Parking is alongside the shore road.


This a parkland area immediately north of the harbour. It is a wooded area with a rocky beach, playground equipment a picnic area and garbage cans.  Being near this beach means it is very convenient for boaters to launch, the North Shore Trail is closeby and the area gets water, sewer and natural gas service. Cottages here are in-town, are accross the road from the beach and typically are cabins or houses used as cottages. Main Beach and its abundant sand is only a few hundred metres away.

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MiramIchi beach is north of Port Elgin. It offers striking scenic views and more natural bird and animal sightings. The paved North Shore Trail is fantastic for biking, running or walking between Port Elgin and Southampton. It runs between the cottages and the beach. There is also Miramichi Bay Road between the cottages and the beach. The beach itself is pebble, stone, rocky or in some places a little marshy.

There are many homes and cottages along this beach. There is a wide variety of size and amenity but all the lakefront properties feature wonderful views. Water and natural gas is also provided here but not sewer service.

Port Elgin and cottaging – something for every taste and every budget. Come! Take a look. You will not be disappointed.

C U at the beach!!

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