As stated last time, Ontario cottage life is idyllic. Period. Well, that is true. KINCARDINE Area cottage life however is the zephyr of idyllic. Exclamation Point.  (Okay, I promise to drop this for good now.)

In our last edition we explored what to look for in cottage decisions. This time let’s explore those considerations for the perspective of the various options along the Lake Huron shore in the Kincardine area.

The Kincardine area offers all the appealing features people search for in cottaging: warm beaches, rolling surf, glorious sunsets, majestic views, woods, solitude, boating, golf, gardening, biking, SUPing, hiking, surfing, parties, events for all ages and persuasions, being online and tanning together, romantic dinners, roasting smores over an open fire under the stars and bringing families together in ways very few other activities can.

Different Kincardine areas areas offer some different options to help you prioritize and get your perfect location. For example…

Location, Location, Location

The Kincardine area is a 2-3 hour drive north or northwest of the major urban areas of London, K/W, west Toronto or GTA. The drive is a huge plus to the area experience. It is quiet, low traffic and mostly on county or provincial highways.  The congestion and slow pace of the 400 corridor is almost not ever a factor in this area. No need to ruin a great cottage weekend with stop and go traffic on the way home.

And … as perhaps you have heard before … The Lake Huron sunsets along the shoreline from Point Clark to Saugeen Shores was nominated for the CBC’s Seven Wonders of Canada.

Sand or rock beach?

Inverhuron, Station Beach, Bruce Beach and Point Clark boast the largest sand beaches in the Kincardine area. Station Beach in Kincardine is the busiest beach but does not have cottages along it. Inverhuron has the biggest community beach, lots of sand in and out of the water and no roads between the cottages and the shore. Bruce Beach is a lovely beach and has somewhat more limited public access as each lakefront cottage lot goes to the edge of the beach.

Busy or quiet lake?

The good news is that Lake Huron is a big lake. Lots of room for everyone. Along the shoreline, however, the beaches within the actual town (Station and Boiler) have the most boat, personal watercraft and swimmer traffic with a convenient boat launch right there.

For those looking for less traffic check out the Lorne Beach, Scotts Point or Sunset Drive areas.

kincardine cottage experience

Which area has the best prospects for increases in property value?
Historically, The Bruce Beach section has enjoyed the best increases in cottage value.  There are many reasons for this. It is close, but not inside town, more private, the lots tend to be larger and extend from the road to the beach. The beach itself is splendid. It is long, wide (depending on the lake level of course) offers the option of privacy or being neighborly depending on your mood. This is the good news.

The flip side of all of the above is that it is the pretty much the most expensive section in the Kincardine area. Some other areas that have been enjoying some good returns lately are the Inverhuron and Boiler Beach areas.

Looking for affordabiity?

The best way to get affordability is to look at the lakefront communities without sand beaches and look a little farther back from the water. Point Clark has many cottage properties that often provide exceptional value for their cost.

How Quiet is YOUR solitude?

Do you really want complete isolation? If so the real answer is to head farther north – quite a bit farther north … and that longer drive from home.

There are however, several pockets along the whole stretch from Point Clark to Scotts Point that offer a lot of privacy and seclusion from your neighbors.

lake huron sailboat

How close do you want neighbors?

This is a tricky consideration. Many people starting off look for sand beach and isolation. After looking for a while many come to realize what they really preferred was access to lakefront / beach in a spot where they are able to do what they want to do with their friends and family when they want to do it. For many people that comes to mean that having a 200’ wide lot is not that important. It also comes to mean that most people who are cottagers are pretty great people and having your neighbors somewhat closeby is okay because usually they are doing pretty similar things to what you are doing.

So, stick to Bruce Beach, Lurgan Beach, Sunset Drive or many of the other smaller cottage pockets if you still don’t want neighbors.

On the other hand, there are many smaller lots in Inverhuron, Boiler Beach and Point Clark that are fantastic and great communities.

Are you interested in being involved in the beach community? Many areas like Bruce Beach and Inverhuron hold special events throughout the summer.

How important is convenience to you?

Is a cottage only accessible by boat your idea of convenience? Some cottages are entirely on sand with parking some ways away. The walk with luggage or groceries can get long. Maybe this seems a little like too much of a good thing?  Or – are you one of those cottagers who consider sand as just dirt that is to be avoided at all costs? What about the winter? Is the access road even maintained even if your place is four season.

Each section of the Kincardine area has properties where these considerations are involved. Let your real estate professional help isolate these finer points so you can maximize your convenience

What is around me?

If it a family environment you prefer, is the shoreline shallow and safe? Is there a kid’s playground? Does the area have children’s activities and events? How far is it?

Kincardine, Inverhuron and Point Clark each have public boat launches. Kincardine, Point Clark and Scott’s Point have docking facilities. Kincardine is the best harbour for larger boats.

This shoreline is generally not conducive to having your own dock in front of your cottage. Many people opt to various types of launch devices that usually involve seasonal removal.

kincardine sailing

If it is more single or party environment that has your interest, perhaps one of communities or cottage areas where the lots are closer together makes more sense. Who wants to drive these days after enjoying an evening with friends?

kincardine surfing

I am looking for a cottage, am on a budget but my idea of roughing it is Room Service

I really want it to be just like home.  Often the answer for this priority is to buy a house right in the town of Kincardine. All the municipal, shopping, party and entertainment conveniences and with the town charm and water / beaches closeby. Every one of the other cottage areas referenced here also has full houses with all the modern conveniences as well so there are ample options for everyone!

downtown kincardine photo

Is Cottage Life Worth it?

You betcha! If you have any doubts, give me a call lets talk it over. Life choices are important. This is one. Magical moments sometimes happen on their own. Most you have to help along with some of your decisions. Let me help you get it right. I am always available @ 519-389-7153  HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THE BEACH!

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