Top 10 Reasons to Move to Kincardine

The Kincardine area offers many positives why it is a tremendous community to work, raise a family, retire or just plain play! The following are just a few of the reasons why Kincardine is an excellent place to live or cottage:

  1. Kincardine is distinctive. It is a true small town. It is friendly. It is cute. It is also populated with all backgrounds, demographics, professions and incomes. It is both quaint and cultured.
  2. The Lake Huron coastline offers few other places that compare to the size, breadth and quantity of sand beachfront offer by Kincardine and environs.
  3. The scenery of this area is breathtaking. The sunsets are world renowned. Back a few decades ago, National Geographic published a study of the Worlds Best Sunsets. The Lake Huron shoreline just north of here was ranked as #2 in the world. India was #1 – but a little far to go don’t you think? Around every corner is a new lake-scape to tease your senses. The harbor and iconic lighthouse are picture post card perfect.
  4. Take your pick of ideal boating activities. Whether it is sailing, fishing for that monster salmon, riding you Stand Up Paddleboard, or indulging in the latest craze – surfing in the 10 foot beach waves occasionally generated by the spring and fall winds. (Surfing photo sourced from
  5. The town is blessed with an abundance of community services. For a community of its size there is abundant opportunities for activities. The Davidson Center is a state of the art facility that offers a indoor pool, arena, gymnasium, fitness center, soccer fields, splash pad and several activity rooms for clubs and/or crafts.
  6. Not to be outdone the town is a mecca for many cultural activities. There is a strong and community theater group, talented choirs groups as well as many festivals celebrating the strong local celtic, blues or jazz roots.
  7. It is impossible to speak to Kincardine culture without highlighting the importance of its Scottish heritage. The Pipe Band Parade up and down Queen St. every week in the summer with maybe 1000 people marching behind is a sight to behold. Don’t laugh till you try it Believe me – it is infectious.
  8. If sports is your pleasure, Kincardine offers three golf courses, baseball, soccer, rugby, one of the region’s best pickleball (don’t laugh until you try this either!) as well as hockey, hockey, hockey. Whether junior, casual, competitive or senior there are sports and teams for you.
  9. The local Kincardine demographics create a dynamic populous. With a high tech energy company as the biggest employer the local people are higher educated and better paid that virtually any other small town community. With this fact has come more disposable income that can support the entertainment, health and community services quality and quality that have developed.
  10. The Kincardine Real Estate market – whether residential, hobby farm or cottage – similarly offers more diversity and more upscale opportunities. As a thriving working town, a bustling tourist community and ever-increasingly popular retirement spot, investing in Kincardine real estate should be a sound decision for many years to come.

The combination of all of these factors has produced a vital community. One with an thriving workforce, a vibrant family environment and is a magnet for active retirees looking for quality of life in their golden years. If you’re looking for a Kincardine real estate agent, contact me at 519-375-5124 for recent listings that are a fit to what you’re looking for.

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