Tails: The BOOMER Perspective

Aging parents are downsizing but the struggle is: What to do with Everything!


Part 1 of 2 tools the Youngster’s tale. Part 2 of 2 explores the Parent side of the coin. The Boomer perspective is often quite a contrast to their offspring. Our Bruce County area is not immune.

These days a common source of family stress is determining what to do with family items as parents are downsizing. Whether it is sorting out where things should go or actually getting it done is a challenge.


It is pretty widely accepted that sometimes the younger folks just do not have room. “Back in the day” when boomers were getting new Kincardine area homes, they tended to be as big or bigger than their parents. Today, many younger generation homes are smaller than their parents home so just finding somewhere to put it is a problem.


In many families there is often the dilemma that either the kids or the parents will be afraid to say something in fear of offending one another. I know it will come as a shock to many of you that our Canadian propensity to excessive politeness, while one of our better cliches, is often a real problem.

Many is the time when a direct and honest discussion would solve a problem much more quickly than bottling up feeling that simply foment resentment and frustration. Ahhh –  the joys of repression.


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