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We all buy and sell homes for different individual reasons and where we end up isn’t always a familiar place. Work, family, money and personal life styles take us all over the world and are sometimes the reason why we have no choice in what town we live in. Thankfully, if you end up in Kincardine by choice or convenience, you’re sure to be happy and pleased. Here is a new-comers take on her experience moving here and a little of what she has learned.

I arrived in Kincardine mid-March with little expectations as to what my new life would be like here. I lived and worked in the hustle and bustle of the GTA. Getting away to a cottage on weekends was a must.

I moved into the outskirts of Kincardine, a community called Lurgan Beach, which I later learned is a neighbourhood proud to live in.  Within the first couple of weeks, I knew most of those living on my street.  My family and I were welcomed into the area with lawn talk, beach reviews, local upcoming events and of course, the every day gossip around the block. Now it seems like there is no need for a cottage getaway, for living here feels like a vacation.  I lived at my previous home for 20 years and never did I feel more welcome then I have here. The atmosphere and attitude of the people in Kincardine radiates appreciation and joy.

I was encouraged immediately to join a local sports team or a form of class to get to know more people.  The numerous options overwhelmed me.  My neighbour suggested yoga classes he runs, another recommended paddle boarding which they provide the boards and lessons.  My sister signed me up for soccer to my surprise, but I gladly accepted.  Kincardine, I have learned, is a place of community, relaxation and entertainment. Each social interaction I experienced was positive and inviting.

To start, Kincardine has a large variety of festivals, markets and parades.  There is a strong Scottish heritage, one would learn quickly if in town on a weekend. The Kincardine Scottish Pipe band parade plays every Saturday night throughout the summer and the Phantom Piper playing at sunset so even if you don’t venture out for the big events, on weekends you can’t avoid the town’s traditions.

Kincardine draws in a lot of people for several reasons. The Bruce Power Plant is an employer to a large population of Kincardine residents among other strongly competing trade companies.  Secondly, retirees consider this their second Florida home or year round home if they can handle the cold.  And lastly, there are those who vacation here or just want to live every day like they are on vacation.  Regardless of the reason, there is something to do for all ages and interests.


A few things that stood out to me were the music festivals, sports teams and hiking trails.  You can check out every upcoming festival and event on the Kincardine website as well as on the bulletin boards in almost every business.

Kincardine Teddy Bear Parade


Of course summer is over soon but that doesn’t mean the sports end. Fall and winter offers many opportunities for indoor activities to get you out of the hold and into some sweats.  The Kincardine Adult Soccer Association has a variety of indoor leagues. Kincardine Minor Hockey Association has tryouts fast approaching. Public and Club skating at the Davidson Centre for those to train or have a little fun. And additionally, there is the swimming pool for when it is just too cold to swim in the lake.


The Kincardine Trails Association has done an amazing job in developing and maintaining a variety of trails surrounding Kincardine. Each trail is rated with different difficulty levels for those who want a challenge or a relaxing stroll through nature. These trails are used for all types of recreational purposes such as cycling, jogging, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing and off course hiking. These trails are a safe and free way to stay healthy and get active. I particularly loved the trails for it gave me a chance to see parts of Kincardine I couldn’t see by car.

Whether it is your first time to Kincardine or you’ve been here for years, there is always something new to learn or experience in this beautiful town. Don’t miss out on all the action Kincardine has to offer by following Morrison MacKenzie on Facebook and Twitter or on his website at where upcoming events, local news and interesting articles and stories are regularly shared. You can also contact Morrison MacKenzie at 519-389-7153 or for any questions or comments.

What was your arrival into the community like for you?

The Historic Walker House

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