Decluttering Pre-Sale: Top 10 Tips for the Kincardine Area

Cleanliness is important. Staging is important. One of the most important and most uncomfortable processes however, when getting ready to sell ANY house is getting it decluttered to the point where it will appear lived in but not small or busy.

The Kincardine and Port Elgin areas are no exception. We have four busy seasons and lots of “stuff” needed to help us enjoy every one both for our indoors and outdoor lives. Do not take this personally. I am a pack rat myself so I get how hard this is. Anyone who lives in a house collects and displays things. It is perfectly natural. Even the most fastidious person will still likely have things in areas that should get thinned out to maximize the potential for a quick sale at the highest price.

YES, it is work – a lot of work. It is physical work and it is emotionally stressful. Not surprisingly there might be some differences of opinion re what should go. Ya think? It is however, one of most valuable preparation steps you can ever do. It takes time and energy but it probably will make you a few dollars selling some things and it will increase the time and dollars you will yield from the eventual sale.

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