7 Easy Tips for Moving to Kincardine

For most people simply the idea of starting to think about moving produces high stress. To help make moving to Kincardine as painless as possible, here are a few quick tips to help.

Decide what not to pack

“Declutter. Declutter. Declutter.” Be harsh, make those tough decisions re which items you REALLY have to keep. If you don’t want to take something with you, categorize them by deciding what you want to:

a) give away,
b) throw away,
c) sell.

Additionally, Kijiji directory can do amazing things to help sell things. And most cities and towns have facebook yardsale pages. For example if you are in the Kincardine area the Facebook group Kincardine Swap is also remarkably effective. Lastly, another way to effectively eliminate things and feel good and green about it is to send things to Terracycle Collection Kincardine.

Get packing materials

If you are using a professional mover, they will usually provide materials – at a cost.
Other sources for materials include:  Kincardine grocery stores (banana and apple boxes work well) and Bookstores often have strong boxes they don’t want anymore — call ahead on the day of a delivery to ask for them.
Other local sources include: Fiddler Moving and Daisy Mart Esso (U-Haul).

Draw a floor plan — and use labels

Picture your new home and create a floor plan. Use it as a guide to identify each box and its content type to a specific room in the new home. When in doubt LABEL, LABEL, LABEL.

This is NOT a First things First Situation

Work backwards. Identify the items you seldom use or need and pack them first. Items such as out-of season clothes, books, “those precious memory” items usually fall into this group. Pack them right away.

Identify Priorities: Pack  and CLEARLY Identify ESSENTIAL boxes

There are things you need the first night. Pack them last and mark them clearly as ESSENTIAL. This will save abundant time, grief and anguish on that stressful first 24 hours in the new abode.

Food … and Plants

Plan your food usage toward the moving date. use up as much as possible. Manage your freezer items to minimise spoilage.
Wrapping  at least the bottom of your precious plants in plastic will help save them and minimise the mess of dirt spillage. Moving them in your car separate from the boxes and furniture often avoids them being damaged.

Discussing the Move with theKids

The critical thing to prepare kids for a move is to talk about it. The circumstances don’t matter. Talk to them. Give them as much information as possible. Answer their questions fully and be open to their reactions whether good or bad.
Involve them in the planning to make them feel like part of the process – the house-hunt, the new school search, the neighbourhood, local activities, the packing. It helps them feel it is not being forced on them as much.

Moving can be fun. Oh okay, maybe not. Following these hints, however can help make it much less difficult.
For more info contact Morrison.  Bon chance!

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